How can the Deep Place approach and Transformational Local Economies help Communities in Wales?

Date 15 November 2016
Venue Eversheds. 1 Callaghan Square, Cardiff.

The Deep Place approach to sustainable community renewal was developed by Dave Adamson and Mark Lang, and was first tested through the preparation of Tredegar Deep Place Study, published by CREW in 2014. Whilst there is continuing interest in the promotion of this form of locally focused economic activity, so far there appears to be very little support to deliver the concept in Wales. Indeed, Dave Adamson is now in the process of delivering the Deep Place concept in New South Wales rather than Wales. In the meantime, Mark Lang has been active in developing the Deep Place approach in Wales and is undertaking new research for other areas in the South Wales Valleys.


Professor Karel Williams, from Manchester Business School and the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, has been active in the development and promotion of the transformational economy concept for the past 10 years. He co-authored ‘A Manifesto for the Foundational Economy’ in 2013; followed by a report for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales in 2015 entitled ‘What Wales Could Be’, which presents an alternative economic vision.


The seminar will explore the potential of the Deep Place and Transformational Economy approaches to the regeneration of Welsh communities, in particular those that have suffered from de-industrialisation and challenging social change over the past four decades. It will debate the model of economic development that is most appropriate to resolve the intractable problems of poverty and social exclusion in communities where mainstream economic policy has had limited or no impact. This is particularly relevant in the context of Brexit; the proposed closure of the Communities First Programme in Wales; and the introduction of the Well-being for Future Generations (Wales) Act.





15.30 Registration; tea and coffee on arrival


15.40 Introduction


15.50 Dr Mark Lang: A local economic alternative for the South Wales Valleys


16.30 Professor Karel Williams: A Foundational economy? A response to economic and political challenges?


17.15 Response


17.30 Panel Discussion, followed by Question and Answer Session.


18.10 Close

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