Developing the Deep Place approach: Experience from Wales and Australia

Date 15 February 2016
Venue Eversheds, 1, Callaghan Square, Cardiff

The Deep Place approach to sustainable community renewal, developed by Dave Adamson and Mark Lang for CREW, was developed from the year-long Tredegar Deep Place study published in 2014. There is continuing interest in Wales in the promotion of a more locally focused economic activity, which specifically links to the disadvantaged population of our post-industrial communities. Since the publication of the report, Dave Adamson and Mark Lang have been developing the concept of the ‘distributed economy’ to explore further how this can be achieved in Wales and elsewhere. Others, such as the researchers at CRESC, are also pursuing such concepts in the U.K. Karel Williams from CRESC and Manchester Business School co-authored a report for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales in 2015 entitled ‘What Wales Could Be’, which presents an alternative economic vision. So the opportunity for developing such a vision for Wales needs a serious and proactive response from the public, private and third sectors.


Dave Adamson is currently developing the Deep Place approach in Australia in two communities in Queensland and New South Wales. The largest project is in Logan, a satellite city of Brisbane with acute social exclusion and poverty issues. Here the Deep Place plan is linking to strong local programmes of social enterprise development and social procurement by local government. It is also ensuring that the stock transfer of 4,800 homes maximises the local economic development opportunities. The smaller project is in Muswellbrook, NSW a mining town in decline where the focus is on a specific concentration of social housing.


The seminar will explore this diverse context for the implementation of the Deep Place approach and its implication for regeneration in Welsh communities. It will debate the model of economic development that is most appropriate to resolve the intractable problems of poverty and social exclusion in communities where mainstream economic policy has no impact.


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