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This searchable links section has been designed to be a resource to identify many of the key regeneration or regeneration related texts.

By using the search tools you will be able to find the details of each text. We regret that we are unable to link directly to texts in most instances because of copyright restrictions.

The articles and publications included will be constantly updated by the CREW team, and the database is designed to grow over time.

If you would like to suggest the inclusion of any texts that are not currently included, please email

On the right hand side of the page there is a search facility designed to make searching for regeneration or regeneration related texts easier.

The Title and Author fields allow you to specify the person who created the content and a possible title on your subject of interest.

You can filter content by Catergory by simply selecting one from the drop down menu provided.

The Date range allows you to search from one year to the next to help in making the results more specific. Usage example: Date From: 2007 - Date To: 2010.

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