The 'Deep Place' Study

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The Deep Place Study is an attempt to develop a complete understanding of a single disadvantaged location, in this case Tredegar.  The study has attempted to identify all current weaknesses which constrain that location, as well as opportunities which could be exploited to establish a sustainable future for the community. 


The study is not limited by current practice, policy or contemporary austerity constraints, but does instead aim to explore cutting-edge opportunities that could help lift the community out of poverty to become a fully sustainable location by 2030. 


The investigation has attempted to establish what is required in terms of policy, delivery, expenditure and vision to secure the achievement of a viable, prosperous and sustainable community by the year 2030.  The study explores the development of local economic, social and cultural solutions to challenge poverty.  Areas examined include economic activity, transport connectivity, demographics, health, education, housing, environment and culture. 


This case study of Tredegar focuses on one target location in order to achieve a detailed, holistic and in-depth evaluation; however it is hoped that this study will provoke discussion throughout Wales as to how we approach regeneration, what regeneration entails and what could be achieved by regeneration initiatives if they are approached differently.


The Report was launched at a major CREW Conference in Tredegar on 28th April 2014. Below are recorded visual maps of the conference which took place in Bedwellty House.



Further background information can also be viewed on the video below.


Deep Place Study, Tredegar from Mark Lang on Vimeo.


Two Men and a Shed from CREW on Vimeo.


'Two Men and a Shed'

Directed and Produced by Kirsten Jones

Starring Boyd Clack as Maurice and Rhodri Hugh Thomas as Richard

Written By Boyd Clack, Rhodri Hugh Thomas and Kirsten Jones