Regeneration and cross professional training & skills events 2015-16 - update

November 2015

Regeneration Skills Collective Wales and CREW have listed the regeneration and cross professional training & skills events taking place during 2015-16. The list includes events being organised by RSCW members as well as other organisations in Wales.

The list of events can be viewed here, and will be updated regularly. Individual event details may be subject to change, and may not always be reflected in this schedule.


Regeneration related events programmed and confirmed by CREW, RSCW and it's member institutions and are listed on page 1, with provisional events still to be confirmed by those organisations being shown on page 2. Regeneration related events held by other bodies and organisations are shown from page 3 onwards by main subject areas. In relation to the latter, please note the increase in free lunchtime and early evening events being held by the University departments in South Wales.

If you know of any additional events that you might think could be of interest to your regeneration colleagues in the public, private and third sectors in Wales, please notify Richard Essex, Co-ordinator of RSCW (, who will include additional events in future updates of the schedule